Role Playing Games that include Spaceship List

Last updated - Feburary 4, 2008

This is an attempt to list all of the role playing games that include spaceships both in and out of print. If you have items to add or mistakes to point out please email them to me at "thomas . granvold @ eng.sun . com". Remove all spaces in the email address. This is unfortunatly needed to cut down on spam emails I receive.
If the name of the game is a link, then it will load its picture.
I only own a few of these games, many I have not even seen. What I do have is not for sale. Click here for suggesetions on how to find out of print/production games/miniatures.
  • 1st Edition: (2001)
        Not all supplements are listed here.
  • 2nd Edition:
        Not all supplements are listed here.
  • Links:
  • Star Wars (circa 1987) by West End Games
        Out of print.  More infomation on the spaceship combat
        rules can be found here.
  • Star Wars (circa 2000) by Wizards of the Coast
        This game uses the D20 RPG game system.
  • Stellar Sanctums by Mike Dugan
            For the spaceship rules see Astra Penteres.
  • Transhuman Space by Steve Jackson Games
        This role playing game is set in the solar system of
        the 22nd century.
  • Traveller
        This is the role playing game that has gone through at least
        three major editions.  They include rules on spaceship combat.
        There are a great number of other books produced for this game
        other than what is listed here.  Also, see GURPS: Traveller
  • Traveller Products by Bits!
  • Traveller T20 by QuikLink Interactive
        "Traveller for the d20 System"
        Written by Martin J. Dougherty and Hunter Gordon.
  • Trinity by White Wolf - 1998

  • Trip To The Moon by Macatoy
        A kid's game.
  • TWERPS (circa 1993) by Gamescience
        This is a simple role playing game that includes
        spaceship combat in the TWERPS: Rocket Rangers.
  • Twilight Imperium: the Role-Playing Game (2000) by Fantasy Flight
        This role playing game was written after the success of the
        board game Twilight Imperium.
  • Universe (1981) by SPI and by Bantam Books
        Out of print.  Designed by John Butterfield.
        A role playing game that included the game Delta Vee.
            Designed by John Butterfield & Gerry Klug.
  • Vanguard Spaceships (2000) by Vanguard Games
        This is the spaceship combat rules that go with their
        role playing games, Vanguard Free Roleplaying and
        Pioneer Vanguard.  The rules are available for free
  • Vehicle Design System by Blacksburg Tactical Research Center - BTRC
        This is a role playing supplement that includes
        includes design of spaceships.  A spreadsheet really
        helps when using these rules.
  • Victory By Any Means by Victory By Any Means Games
        This is a generic sci-fi campaign setting and rules designed
        to fit into any game universe.
  • VII Legio by ?
        A pseudo-rpg game where each player controls a spaceship
        and can fight against each other or against a common
        enemy.  There is one expansion called Tablin.
  • XXVc The 25th Century (1990) by TSR
        A Buck Rogers RPG.
        Probably out of print.
        The rules are a simplified
        version of AD&D.

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