Spaceship Board Game List Part 7

Last updated - September 24, 2008

This is an attempt to list all of the spaceship board games both in and out of print. If you have items to add or mistakes to point out please email them to me at "thomas . granvold @ sun . com". Remove all spaces in the email address. This is unfortunatly needed to cut down on spam emails I receive.
If the name of the game is a link, then it will load its picture.
I only own a few of these games, many I have not even seen. What I do have is not for sale. Click here for suggesetions on how to find out of print/production games/miniatures.
  • Star Trek III (1985) by West End Games
            This game is out of print.
            This is three solitaire games in one box.  One of which
            is "In Kobayashi Maru" which includes spaceship combat.
            Designed by Greg Costikyan, Doug Kaufman, and J. Ford.
            Stock #2006.
  • Star Trek The Adventure Game (1985) by West End Games
            This game is out of print.
            "Take charge of a small fleet of ships and through
             diplomacy, force, and other means gain as many allies
             as possible to win."  This is sort of a cross between
             a wargame and a role playing game using a system simular
             to the one in "Tales of the Arabian Nights". 2 player game.
  • Star Trek, The Board Game by Component Game System
            Not yet available.
            All of Component Game System games are compatible with each other.
  • Star Trek Deep Space Nine, The Board Game by Component Game System
            Not yet available.
            All of Component Game System games are compatible with each other.
  • Star Trek: Invasion of the Klingon Empire (1982) by Tsukuda Hobby
            "A game of space war in Star Trek".  A war of the
            Federation vs the klingon Empire. There are special
            rules for the Enterprise. In Japanese.
  • Star Trek Starship Combat RPG (circa 1983) by FASA
            Out of print.  This game used SSD's, simplier than
            Star Fleet Battles, so larger
            battles could be handled.  This was part of the Star Trek
            role playing game.
  • Star Trek Spaceship Tactical Combat Simulator (1986) by FASA
            Stock #2003.  Out of print.  Also see Star Trek Starship Combat RPG.
            This edition was revised to match the 2nd edition of the
            role playing game.  Designed by David R. Tepool.
            This game can be downloaded from
            There was a supplement detailing the exploits of the Klingon
            Emperor's own 123rd Assault Flotilla on the border of Federation
            Klingon and Romulan space, 1988.  There was to be another
            supplement called "The Gorn and Minor Races", stock #2304, which
            never appeared.  This even showed up in a FASA catalog.
            There was also going to be a game called Operation: Armageddon
            which was never released because FASA lost the license to do 
            Star Trek games.  This game was to be a strategic space wagame
            in two parts, the Klingon Front and the Romulan Front.  There
            were to be several hundard counters in the game with each
            representing one ship.  Designed by Bob Marinan.
  • Star Viking (1981) by Dwarfstar
            Out of print.  Designed by A. Hendrick.
            "A Game Of Interstellar Raiding and Plunder"
            An online copy of this game can be found at
  • Star Warriors (1987) by West End Games
            Out of print.
            Fighter combat for two or more players, even includes
            the attack on the Death Star.  Can be played as part
            of the Star Wars role playing game.  Product #40201.
            Designed by K. Knaufman and P. Corless.
  • Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator by FASA
            As of 2001 the plan is to release with a new
            (not Star Trek) universe.
  • Star Wars: Death Star by Tsukuda Hobby
            A game of the rebel attack on the Death Star from
            Star Wars: A Hew Hope movie.  In Japanese.
  • Star Wars Starfighter Battle Books by West End Games
            Out of print.
            Believed to be only one set, X-Wing vs. Tie Interceptor,
            and is based on the Ace of Aces system.
  • Stealth by Talicor Games
            Probably out of print.
            An abstract space combat game.
  • Stellar Conquest (1975, 1984) by Metagaming and Avalon Hill Games
            Out of print.
            A space empire building with very little combat,
            where a battle is resolved by a single die roll.
            Designed by Howard Thompson.  Metagaming product # is 1101.
            Avalon Hill added outposts, turned the map upside down,
            changed some ship names, and modified the tech system
            and combat chart a little.
  • Stellar Victory by Columbia Games
            This is a game being developed (January 2001).  It will be a
            game of assaulting a planet and will use blocks, as do most
            games by Columbia Games.  In addition the background will tie
            in with that of DV.  It is being
            designed by Ken Burnside of Ad Astra Games.
  • Stellar Wars (1989) by Tim Swenson
            The first freeware wargame distributed on the Internet.
            Rules available at
            Note that this is not the same game as Stellar Wars
            by Bruce Miller.
  • Sternkrieg (circa 1976) by Richard Sartore
            Probably out of print.
  • Stir Fried Beetles (1988) by Tony Leowald
            Out of print
            A satire of Star Fleet Battles.
  • Stratastar (circa 1998) by Warp Spawn Games
            "Interstellar conquest, units are fleets and colonies..."
            The rules can be found at
            Designed by Lloyd Krassner.
  • Street Fighter (circa 2000) by Warp Spawn Games
            A game of spaceship boarding combat.  The rules are available
  • Struggle for the Galactic Empires by Decision Games
            Not yet available, planned to be released in 2009.
            A solitaire game of galactic civilization.  The
            player is the Emperor contending with rebels,
            mutineers and aliens.  There are scenarios for
            the rise, fall and resurrection of the empire.
  • Stutter Warp Space Combat by Pedro A.C. Tavares
            Alternate spaceship combat rules to Star Cruiser
            for the 2300AD role playing game.
  • Succession Wars (1987) by FASA
            The is a game of the Succession Wars of Battletech lore.
            Jump ships are used to move battlemechs to fight for
            control of planets.  Designed by L. Ross Babcock III.
            Two to five players.
  • Sucking Vacuum (2002, 2004) by Alien Menace
            A game for 3 to 6 players of escape from a damaged
            International Space Station where only 2 can survive.
            Each game has a randomly assembled map of the station.
            The 2004 edition added full color, upgraded components
            revised rules and an Alien Incursion scenario.
            Natural Selection (2004) is a prequel to Sucking Vacuum
            where the chimpanzees to be on the space station are
  • Sunburst (circa 2000) by Gian Carlo Porciani
            A free "SPI style" game written in Italian.
            The rules are at
  • Supernova by Valley Games
            This game is in playtest and not yet available as of July 2007.
            "Supernova is a game of space expansion and exploration. 5
            civilizations are abandoning their former galaxy to escape
            the upcoming supernova of their star."  "Possibly the first
            space exploration game where 3D space not only matters, but
            could be the key to your victory!" Designed by Oliver
            Harrison and artwork by Mike Roy.  For 3 to 5 players and
            has short and long versions.
  • The Sword and the Stars 1981) by SPI
            Out of print.  Designed by Eric Smith.
            An empire building with abstract combat between space
            fleets based on the  game Empires of the Middle Ages.
            For 1 to 5 players.

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