Spaceship Board Game List Part 5

Last updated - September 24, 2008

This is an attempt to list all of the spaceship board games both in and out of print. If you have items to add or mistakes to point out please email them to me at "thomas . granvold @ sun . com". Remove all spaces in the email address. This is unfortunatly needed to cut down on spam emails I receive.
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I only own a few of these games, many I have not even seen. What I do have is not for sale. Click here for suggesetions on how to find out of print/production games/miniatures.
  • Galactic Emperor by CrossCut Games
            "Galactic Emperor is a fast paced empire-building game
            of exploration, conflict and struggle for control of the
            galaxy. Each player controls an alien race that wants to
            crush all others and rule as the all-powerful Galacti
            Emperor!"  Not yet available. Image from prototype.
  • Galactic Empires (1997) by Companion games
           Related to the card game Galactic Empires.  The company
           went out of business before it could be produced.
  • Galactic Trucker (2007) by Czech Games Edition
            "As for how the game is played, at the start of each of the
            three rounds, players rummage through the Warehouse, trying
            to grab the best components and build the best spaceship
            possible. Once the ships have launched, the players try to
            avoid snares and obstacles, while grabbing financial
            opportunities, with each hoping to be the first to finish
            with an undamaged ship."
            In 2008 and expansion was released named Galaxy Trucker:
            The Big Expansion."
  • Galax (1999) by Warp Spawn Games
            Tactical hex based space combat.  The rules are available at
            Designed by Floyd Krassner.
  • Gateway to the Stars (1979, 1994 by Twentieth Century Renissance
            A space empire building game that includes some
            spaceship combat.  It also had a 3D jump map.
            Designed by M. Snowden.  For 1 to 7 players.
  • Godsfire (1979, 1985) by Metagaming and Task Force Games
            Out of print.
            A space empire building game that involves
            political, economic and military competition
            for 2 to 4 players.  Spaceships move in three
            dimensions.  Designed by L. Willis.  The 
            Metagaming product number was 1102.  There were
            two Metagaming editions the first in a ziplock bag
            and the second in a box.
  • The Great Space Drag Race (2002) by Holistic Design
            The initial printing was only available at Origins, GenCon,
            DragonCon 2002, and was only 150 signed copies.
            An easy quick game for 2 to 4 players.
            This game was also a precursor to The Great Space Race game.
  • The Great Space Race (2006) by Holistic Design and by Kenzer and Company
            A bigger brother of The Great Space Drag Race.  A game
            for 2 to 6 players consisting of a 3 lap space race where
            players can lay mines, place wormholes and run into hazards
            such as space amoeba, asteriods and black holes.  The game
            play includes preplotted movement using cards somewhat like
            done in Robo Rally or Wings of War.  Designed by Craig Zipse.
            There looks to be a supplement planned for this game called
            The Amoeba Attacks.
  • Hard Vacuum by Fat Messiah Games
            "A vector based space combat game."
            Designed by Darrell Hayhurst.  Described
            as "pulp-sci fi space combat in WWII" of
            fighter combat.
  • The Helios Chronicles (1998) by Adrian Bruce - no longer available

  • Hellfire (1998) by Jim Wallman
            The rules can be found at
  • The High Crusade (1984) by SPI
            Based on the book _The High Crusade_ by Poul Anderson.
            A war between medieval knights and the evil Wersgorix
            Empire.  Includes abstract ground and space combat.
            Designed by D. Cook.  This game appeared in the
            magazine Ares #16.
  • Holy War (1979) by Metagaming
            Out of print.  Designed by L. Willis.
            MicroGame #13, product number 3113.
  • Hyper Battle (1977/1981) by Future and Fantasy Games
            Out of print.
            A tactical battle of ship to ship combat in byperspace.
            Packaged in a 5 by 9 inch box.
  • Imperial Squadrons by Imperium Games
            This game is very much like Fifth Frontier War.
  • Imperium (1977, 1978) by Conflict Game Company and GDW
            Out of print.  Conflict Game Company was a subsidiary of GDW.
            A "...fleet and squadron level game of the wars between Earth
            and the First Imperium which marked first contact of Earth with
            aliens and the eventual fall of the First Imperium. Interesting
            political rules connected to reinforcements and resupply and
            interesting victory conditions."
            This game was translated into Japanese, German, Portuguese,
            Italian and Swedish.  It is a sister game to Dark Nebula.
            There was also to be a follow on game named Twilight which
            never was released, as mentioned in an issue of 'The Grenadier'.
            Designed by Marc Miller.
            There were articles about this game in Space Gamer issues 17
            and 19.  The one in issue 19 was about combining this game
            with Warpwar.
            This games has also been included in a book, along with
            other games, that includes the rules, map, board and
            counter images (reduced in size).  See The Classic Games.
            There is a new edition of this game called Imperium 2000
            by Avalanche Press.
    Editions: Links:
  • Imperium Third Mellennium (2001) - by Avalanche Press
            This game has been revised in several ways, including
            new units.
  • In The Shadow Of Stars by Azure Dragon
            A variation of the D20 RPG system applied to space fleet combat.
            Up to 50 ships per side.  Two settings, far future and steampunk.
            Not yet available as of December 2004.
  • Interstellar Warfare by Digital Alchemy
            "Interstellar Warfare brings the simplicity and flexibility of
            cards to the realm of tactical space combat games allowing players
            to easily design ships, manage power, record damage and more
            without ever putting pen to paper or using complicated math.
            Players simply select ship hull panels and add ship system cards
            to design new warships. Construct warships to fill various roles
            within your fleet and send them into battle to devastate your
            This game will include both 3D and 2D rules.  Still in
  • Ideon Space Runaway (1985) by Tsukuda Hobby
            A game set in the Ideon anime world, mainly a game of
            mecha vs. an alien civilization.  Written in Japanese.
  • InterSpace (2004) by Interformic Games
            A free "print and play" game where one prints out
            and assembles the componants.  Available at
            A game of civilizations expanding into space,
            colonizing planets and trading or waging war on
            other players.  2 to 4 players.
  • Interstellar War (1982) by Attactix / Emithill
            Out of print.  A space empire game with some spaceship combat.
  • Intruder (1980) by Task Force Games
            Out of print.  Designed by B. Sustare.
            Human vs. alien combat in a space station.
            Packaged in a ziplock bag.
  • Invasion of the Air Eaters by Metagamming
            Out of production.
  • Invasion: Earth (1981) by GDW
            Out of print.
            This game has both space and ground combat.
            It is set in the Traveller RPG universe.
            Designed by Marc Miller, Frank Chadwick, and Astell.
            This games has also been included in a book, along with
            other games, that includes the rules, map, board and
            counter images (reduced in size).  See The Classic Games.
  • Ion Glory (circa 1994) by Handcrafted Games

  • Ironclads and Ether Flyers (1990, 2001) by GDW and by Heliograph Inc.
            This a game of Ether Flyers vs ironclad navel ships.
            There are rules for interplanetary ether flyers.
            This game is compatable with Sky Galleons of Mars.
            Designed by Frank Chadwick.
  • J.U.M.P. Into the Unknown by Evil Polish Brother's and Mayfair Games
            A space conquest game for 1 to 4 players.
            It can be used as a campaign setting, including
            diplomacy, for tactical space miniature games.
            Demo rules for this game can be downloaded from
  • Kroll & Prumni: A Fight Between Galactic Empires (1979) by Simulation Games and by International Team
            The rules are in 4 languages.  It has a large
            a large and beautiful map and the spaceships
            are cardboard hexagons and double hexagons.
            The goal of the game is to colonize the most
            planets.  The rules are in Italian, English,
            French and German.
  • Laplace, Newton, & Lagrange (1995) by Bone Games

  • Last Frontier (1995) by Fat Messiah Games
            A solitaire game of marines exploring a crippled
            lab ship in a decaying orbit.
  • The Last Starfighter (1984) by FASA
            Out of print.  Designed by J. Weisman.
  • Lensman (1969) by Simulations, Inc.
            Out of print.  Packaged in a ziplock bag.
            Based on Doc Smith's Lensmen series of books.
            A strategic level game with a significant tactical aspect.
            Designed by Philip N. Pritchard.  Two special systems are
            available, the "Cosmic Energy Screens" for the Bosconians
            and the "Q-Gun" for the Arisians.  The basic game has
            been described as panzers in space and the advanced
            game uses the system from the WWI naval game Jutland.
   has a plan to released this game as
            Phil Pritchard's Lensman.
  • Les Cochons de l'Espace by Tilsit
            In English the name of the game is Space Pigs.
            It is a satirical galactic conquest game.
            Designed by Pascal Bernard.
  • Liftoff! by Task Force Games
        A race to the moon.  Designed by Fritz Bonner.
        For ages 12 and up.  It can be played solitaire.
        Up to 4 players.  Was adapted into a computer game.
        This is a game of the race between USA, USSR, PRC
        and European Union to be the first on the moon.
        It includes details on delivery vehicles, playloads,
        research, and funding of the space program.
  • Lightyear (1997) by Jerry Han
            A campaign/operational level game that can be used with Full Thrust and
            Dirtside II (ground combat) rules.  The rules can be found on the
  • Lightyear (2001) by OmegaBlade
            Basic spaceship combat rules for the role
            playing game Frontier Horizons.
            The rules are available online at

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